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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  November 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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we are live in panola, where thanksgiving is a time for turkey and shopping. we will show you where people are camping out all week for black friday deals. and some places open at midnight and others are opening behind that. thousands will from travel. >> i have terrifying gun battle, what police are telling
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us this morning. ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thanks for waking up with us, it is november 22nd, i am claudine wong, pam cook has the day off. >> let's check weather and traffic and we go to steve, we can be thankful because the forecast sounds great. also we have some sunshine and we have a little bit warmer temperatures, here is sal. i do want to mention, there seems to be a objecting and of bp -- lock and and there could be some delays and i will let you know about highway 17. charities are already hard
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at work preparing thousands of meals. take a look this is what woulded like. volunteers will deliver the meals right to the door steps and one of the voluntary chefs said it is a labor of love. >> reporter: what is it like? >> it is a lot of love and we have been cooking turkeys around the clock. >> they expect 5,000 people and meal deliveries will start at 8:00 this morning. >> now there are other places serving. and the first seating 21st and the second one, noontime and they will be holding a dinner at
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1:00 p.m. and everyone is invited. new this thanks giving, many -- thanksgiving, many food banks are struggling to come up with increased demand. many have cut contribution to food banks and coming up can could major healthcare object poe let. and ktvu channel 2 morning news lore raining blanco -- lorraine blanco is live outside the best buy store where the line keeps growing. a port potosi is -- port
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tow potty is a good option. camps received bridge brat bracelets for television and topment if he you decided to make the sacrifice last minute and with these chilly temperatures they will pay the price. >> are you prepared this morning? >> just a little. but time would have helped and more blankets. lots more blankets. >> how are you feeling then. >> yes an exciting. >> reporter: also on fitzgerald boulevard toys-r-us opens on thanksgiving and then you can buy turkey and go shopping.
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so far, nobody is in line put they actually go past the 10th all the way out passed the parking lot and most people are still sleeping in their tents right now. you can expect long linesment get the guy another blanket. most stores will open early than 8:00 is tonight and then you have the great mall in milpitas. those open at 10:00 p.m. starting now in san jose, thousands of runners are getting themselves ready for one of the bickest turkey trot
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races. i knowi know, you can see where crews are still setting up the stage. >> reporter: that is the start of the race and you can only see two lanes of traffic and 1400 can pass in there immediate minute. 24,000 had registered to walk and run in this downtown race. they extended it to 30 more minute and it brings out some serious runners. a huge motivation is burning calories. >> the average american gains 6 pounds between thanksgiving day
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and new year's if and if you have that excuse, this is a nice time to have that supply. they could hit the million loyal lore mark. off rams remain open and they have added additional parking spots but people are being encouraged to use the light rail and and that will take you directly here and there are lots of activities, fun area for the kids as well as a costume contest. and there are a few other
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involving walnut creek and that starts this morning at 8:00. lifetime fitness will start and in pete month and it will benefit the track teamment police pre-reopened after a wide out forced a complete shut down and two cars are firing shots at each other near the seminary exit. one passenger was ridelled with bullets by the police show up. all the lanes were back open and somehow they don't blow it was -- he was found shot at
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seminary at 9:30 last night. police were told the victim had drove to an area on hilton street. we don't know his name and we don't know of a possible motive. now to continuing coverage. a see fire between israelis and hamas rules as a cease-fire. and as part of the go it would open his body der and they are going to be working could top some date and bring security for the people of israel. >> and it was brought forth after two days of intense
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diplomacy by intense negotiations with secretary hillary rodham clinton. time now 6:09 let's bring sal back, do you have everything under control and if you drive from theel 80 and it is all open as you heard from that overnight news we were telling you about 580 is open as you drive through the open hill area over to the lake shore curb. most are on sunday's scheduled. they will not run again tomorrowment an extended it to
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the south bay we are 0 off so this morning. and some of that valley fog comes backing in from the delta and east bay and it is in the forecast over the next few days. also in the forecast jet stream does to the north. concord and even 44 in red a road city and a fair weather friend is building in except for a few high and it will hit
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a low, 60s all the way up to clear lake and novato, and there is a pattern where it is warmer and it is colder in that area to start with. same for antioch, walnut creek, few upper 60s, morgan hill 66 and 66 sunny veil and milpitas not much change. temperatures are very closement and nights and morning's rain will be very thick, maybe end of next week. police are getting a crime donating tool. plus, telling us now about the burial at sea of todd lodwick. and we have more on bay area -- on the bay area coming
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. thanksgiving day parade, flowing over our camera, it is always great, the crowds are out there and is that charlie brown? >> yes, that is charlie brown. >> where is lucy? >> she is never far behind. one of the key things is the crowd lines the street and
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sheer kermit. 5,000 seats along the parade route have been given to super storm sandy but we are right in the middle of the parade unit and look at these wild turkeys some say they damage the landscape and leave droppings on the cars and make roads dangerous. just last month, a bicyclist died after hitting wild turkeys. theys they --
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15 million americans hungry and -- 15 million americans are hungry on this thanksgiving. the budget battles in congress means the demand for food assistance could god up dramatically. they are coming up with the searches a thanksgiving didn't noon the need has gotten so much greater. >> but harrison is noticing so much fewer are and and it goes to seniors which extremely important. in the past year, they have cut their contribution to areas that cut hundreds of charities and more hungry people.
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and as congress considers dramatic cuts to the food program, it is expected to increase for the located peoplement it it is thousands and makes them up eligible. >> some say it has become too big. >> half of the people receiving food stamps are above the poverty rate. so we have expanded it to be more of a middle class only. >> congress is expected to take up the proposed stood stamp cuts. in cuss son burns, news. now we are -- allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. now islamic procedures wereel followed. osama bin laden's body was then placed inside of a weighted bag. according to e-mails, only a small group was told about the burial and you know he was. and there are no matches between a car explosion and manhole explosion. the man was hit by a car just before 5:00 last night. second later, the manhole came off. now the news closed circuit cameras are expected to be installed during the year.
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the city paid for fremont. coming up. 6:19 you are still watching 101, right? >> yes, sometimes unfortunately we get into where roads are slowing this is a look at 101 approaching the 880 split and that is much better. i can hear a chp officer just waiting for you to do something wrong. of course you wouldn't but that other guy will. that other guy drives terribly. let's. >> move along -- let's move along as you drive through the sought bay. >> sal, i am one of the best
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drivers thanpy self. it is going to be a gut full -- i am one of the best drivers. >> it is going to be a beautiful day. it is tough to warm up, upper 60s and it looks to be end of the next day and foam fog clear skies and we are looking at colder temperatures this morning in fact much colder 30s and 40s and we are a good 15 to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday when we had a lot of cloud weather and rain. days are short.
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. this is iris the seal and she experienced the pacific observe then for the first time with her new eyes. she lost her mother and was starving because she couldn't see. the staff teamed up with ophthalmologists and they removed cat racks from their eyes. >> you see, see road released
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her near petaluma. they will check on her progress and make sure she is doll oh day. >> the new england general ralph medicine discovered they are unlikely to result in tumors and many of knows temperatures, one person was take end to the hospital, drink driving violations are a common problem on the night before thanksgiving. >> all the bars are just packed. i don't know why everybody wants to drink so much before you eat a bunch of turkey. >> it is only second to new year's. police said it happened last night. and you have a good cause
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the and it is if honor of karen gorden. gorden was killed by the driver of a stolen car. you can paid to we'll laps. as well as a water pole players. >> already, warren gordon. -- karen gorden. >> this is 6:26, traffic is doing well around the bay area. you should be wear and if you are a little bit of a led food, it is not -- led foot, it is not a good day.
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280 looks clear and does as well on 6el 0 passing boulevard. and upper 50s and 60s, yesterday was not the case. a lot of temperatures are warmel up. places are closed and we will tell you why womenning will not be a hauled -- many of us will not be allowed and that's in a south bay hair salon. hey, look! a shooting star!
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make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back to the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. . good morning, welcome back,
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it is thanksgiving day. i am dave clark. >> and i am claudine wong, your time is 6:30. we just received information about an overnight fire. this one is in san jose. this morning there was a fire at hong kong hair and beauty shop. firefighters say it is suggs. >> initially from a security guard. .. -- no word on any injuries and the shop was empty at the time of the fire. they are investigating a shooting and police responded to a call about shots fired on tulane avenue. he was shot firefighter twice.
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he is a 20-year-old man and if you have any information, call police. people are serving at a popular beach. tara moriarty is live in san francisco with why people are being ordered to stay out of that water, and it could indicate whether people will be allowed back on the beach or at least until part is open. water by the through a manhole near balboa street and it spilled right into the water, 1% water 10% sewerage. >> they don't want people and their dogs in it.
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>> reporter: now, people they overwhelmed the system according to official the and we will tell you what one surfer had to say about the mess. . thousands of runners are gathering in san jose gathering for the latest. that is the starting life and and we just got word, registration has been extended until 8:00 and before you get into that run, you may have time. proceeds will benefit three local charities and there are a
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few or turkey trots. wall from the in the creek and the other will be held at piedmont high school benefitting cross country and track team. and it is at height of the black friday who'll say shopping rush. now employees at the wal-mart in san leandro said they will be pick up the and yesterday about 20 protesters actually watched through a wal-mart. >> now labor organizers say the
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protests are expected to make take play place all over the country. well in football news, there is a possible shake up after he played so well on monday night football. a lot of football fans want quarterback colin to be the starting quarterback from now on. coming up in about 11 minutes for this coming game. >> what you have a one and if you have you will have and easy rye right and bart toes not charge running until 8:00 this morning. let's look outside at these bay pictures and it looks good coming into san francisco and of course it would, there is no commute on thanksgiving. but a lot of people have the day off.
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you know that. you may preparing to go shop, what are you doing it and this is a lot and if you are driving on san shows traffic is going well. all right, steve you are on twitter. >> you know i am addicted to it. >> such whether or and no rain. temperatures are a little bit cold and we have the inland fog not the coastal fog. usually starts out in the tall too and right now it looks like it is mainly couldn't finished
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toward the delta and high pressure is pulling, yesterday it was 30s and 40s with a much cooler air mass looks like some of that patchy fogg can be quarter of a -- patchy fog can be quarter of a mile or less we are hard pressed to fit and it is 50s and 60s, berkeley locations 64 degrees. and santa cruz, everybody is cool and they have a component of northerly grease to changes
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and it is dry until the end of the month. 6:27 happening right now, at the guy memorial churches and he has almost 5,000 meals and thanksgiving dinners have all of your favorite foot and we have been there all morning where turkeys have been can being around the clock. and volunteers will be giving meals to residents around the city and on our local food banks just go to the hot section. going to anger management classes and also mening fences
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with the mayor. . and taking a look outside and act a look am and we will tell you which are going to help tonight. .
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. good morning skies are clear, temperatures warming up a little bit. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are firing upment fires just hour ago it and when they were there this morning. they are saying it was suspicious because of what a security guard told them. and last night's wild freeway shootout happened on westbound 580. people in two cars were firing shots at each other right near the seminary avenue accident. so far no arrests have been
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made. a cease-fire, this ends 8 days intense sides and they helped to negotiate the truce along with egypt's new president. and black friday shoppers, they are camping out for days and lorraine blanco is live in panola and this is how early some stories are open and why this is causing a backlash. i was talking with one of the guys and i asked him, what does he thinks about, he said this is crazy, he admits it but it is also ever. these frack friday are together their best. and employees are already
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getting inside there and target opens outside of that and the barricades are ready for thanksgiving shoppers. >> i won want to miss out on thanks gaving curb can i. door bust you are are door busters and employees have to work. campers here received wrist bands to make sure their dead cakes payoff. and it will mean first up on televisions and lcd and music and others, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> and as lorraine mentions
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more about the showers for shopping, target opens its doors an hour later and and at 10:00. and sheriff ross mirkarimi talks about the scandal that almost cost him his job. he said he has learned a lot about his personal issues ordered by the court. and he was on probation for bruising his wife's arm during an argument. he continues most of their communication has been knew the immediate why. -- media you are looking at file video of mourners. he was shot as he wrote in that
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downtown motor cade back in 1963. a lot of people say they knew what they were together and he was hot and killed two days later while he was being transferred during his death. we are learning more about his death. andrew was looking for his cat on the end of the quarry are you is behind that. sheriff's deputies rushed there but it was too latement he was found 30 feet below the surface. i did not survive. >> i know he did not intend
6:47 am
this. and they are going to look into pre-then from happening again. and on monday night football, he may have earned himself one more start. the native threw for 243-yard and he has told, quarterback smith, they will start against new orleans saints this sunday. and however, coach harbaugh, would not announce a starter. >> it is in our best interest to what a staff decision on that and we will get ought the factors out. >> they say harbaugh's performance is based on performance. they have three games for you and at 9:30 they play the
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detroit lions and at 115, right here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. we will though you the redskins this evening. new york jets. and san francisco muni transit, they are all operating on sunday's schedules. they are operating on the holiday schedules and you will not be able to ride those because they are not in service today. and on other port properties, in addition, so are the banks and posts to offices. that story coming up on mornings on 2 at 717.
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sal, it towned on my and i bet a lot of people are up making that turkey and if you have to drive, question show you some pictures. i know some are working last minute and we have to go get some butter. thanksgiving is nothing without butter. let's look at interstate 880 and traffic is looking good in both directions and there is still a little bit of long-term parking left. and westbound 84, that traffic does look good. >> there you did, all right.
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if you know what we are saying, and until then, if you are not going anywhere, things are fine but if you get stuck in that fog, it can be tough. forecasted temperatures noticeably scary. this time next week or around the firstp september. and the next system is gone and the next system moving to the north and that's from fresno. 30s on napa and santa rosa 40s for others, cooler for some, i am seen cool sun sign if you
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are traveling up to the mountains as well, 60s on the temperatures and maybe parts of stockton and the warmest will be santa cruz at 70 degrees. and we will keep on on -- an april on that. -- an eye on that. and the company requested a shut down and other companies want to buy its trademarks and the recipes for some of its products. 18,000 people will lose their jobs. and facebook will not have a
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chance. this is triggered when enough to comments instead of reasoned responses. if its to eliminate them, they will this will their policy changes. one warm coat. you will be able to drop off warm coats at four locations broadway plaza in walnut creek bay treatment and emoryville and they will be on hand at one he of those sites. this is mornings on 2 with a big christmas tree. >> it is always big, i like to see it piled under coats. >> a lot of people are there for a good cause. a fatal mistake has taken
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another life. >> tossed into in a bowl of soup. what will happen in the first time of 55 year history.
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. macy's thanksgiving day parade, part of the group is getting ready to march down new york city and he there is a beautiful shot, you can see that and take a look at that crowd, it is hard to imagine people are having a very good view but you don't want to miss it and all of those sewerage and water board -- water balloons, try bring a little light into their dark times they have gone through. >> yes, beautiful weather. back here a third person, in the town of luminous, they picked mushrooms not knowing it was deadly. three other people became ill
6:57 am
and some people died. andres bay oyster form, they went on a tour and they raise the the -- raised the national sea more. they want a ten year extension but they say it doesn't belong near a natural parade and sierra tahoe, that resort will open with a run for ski and snow this morning. that resort will open with new pockets and mail. off the will call and it is and
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san francisco international car so begins today, that you have almost 800 new models are on display and for the very first time you will have a chance to drive about 40 of those cars. the show will run through monday and we have more details about this year's auto show, did to our represent link tactics. stall is on the road -- sal is on the road. it is not a commute day, on the peninsular to the airport 101 looks good. let's go to steve. giving way to sunshine, a little bit of patchy fog. otherwise dry and nice. coming up on mornings on to 2, a san francisco church volunteers are working cutting up the turkey getting ready to
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feet the needy. looking at a turkey trot, stay tuned. ♪ ...or you can get out there with your friends and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.


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